Virtual Hairstyles – Free Trial Offer

The free trial offer of virtual hairstyles that we were able to negotiate with the Hairstyler included a full trial of the virtual hairstyle software. No credit card was needed nor a Paypal account. This was truly a free no holds barred open offer.

I am very pleased to announce that over nine thousand, yes 9,000 visitors to this site took up the virtual hairstyles trial offer during the six months it was offered.

Our site was congratulated for the number of visitors who took up this wonderful offer, that alas, the virtual hairstyles offer could not last forever.

That offer to our visitors was a few years ago now. Once again though we have been offered to promote this service in 2015/2016 as a free offer.

Now you can gain access just like 9,000 other happy visitors did. You get full and complete access to the online virtual hairstyles website.

That, from our experience, is an excellent price -FREE- and you cannot beat that.

If your a hairdresser working from home, the owner of a hair or beauty salon or a woman’s group or simply an individual, this offer is for you.

Hairstyler is such a site where you take a photograph of yourself and load that photo to their website. Using advanced technology, you can then superimpose a variety of hair styles over your photograph and you can see exactly how any hairstyle will suit you.

To give you an example of using virtual hairstyles, imagine you would like to see how you would look with short blonde hair. You go through the selections of styles provided for short hair, then you choose the colour, in this case blonde.

That hairstyle will now fit over your photograph of yourself showing you exactly what you would look like. Take a print of that photograph and show your partner, friends and hair stylist for their opinion to help you make that right decision for your next hair style.

This technology is being used in hair salons all over the world providing women with virtual hairstyles before the scissors start cutting. I personally use it in my salons and my staff love the results they get from a fun consultation with their wonderful clients.

Clients can sit down with the stylist who takes their photograph using a mobile telephone camera, it is as simple as that. The photograph is quickly uploaded to the site. Then as you select through each section of the hair style, colour, cutting style etc.. you then can see on the computer screen exactly what you would look like.

Take your mobile telephone and take a picture of your head, with the photograph bottom being the lower part of your neck or just into your upper chest. This will give you the best result.

Please enjoy Get it and try it now for FREE!

View Yourself in Over 8,000 Hairstyles!

There are thousands of styles to choose from. Try the hairstyle you have always wanted and when you find the exact style, cut and colour, print it out or save it to your memory drive so you can take it to your salon.

It is very easy to use, you do not need any specific computer skills.

Based upon my experience and my client’s own comments about this service, I am sure you will agree with me, that this is a fantastic service.

Sign-up using this special for my readers only linkand start your FREE access to the site.

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