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So you have had your present hairstyle now for quite some time and you think it is time for a change. Looking for a new hairstyle for women can be fun and exciting as you are expanding your interests into other realms that you normally would not have gone to.

Most times you will see a hairstyle either in a magazine or on a television show that you think would suit you. Fair enough that the hairstyle might have been worn by a celebrity or a model but why that same hairstyle could not suit you.

When it comes to fashion sense women are the best at choosing what’s right and avoid what’s not. The same goes with your hairstyle. You look at friends and probably comment on their new hairstyle. This is where you take a photo or cutting from a magazine and ask your friends what they think of the style and how do they think it would look on you. You would ask what they thought of the style and how it would change your “look”. Your friends will give you a definitive answer leaving you with no doubts if the style is one for you or one to be avoided.

When picking the new hair style for women you also take into account the colour you want that style to be. Once again you need to consult your friends here on this one. Colour can make or break a new hair style so choose wisely.

The latest celebrity hair style trend is short style cuts coupled with dark colours. The reason why is because short hair is way easier to look after then long hair. The style is focused on short hair rather than taking in the whole style of long hair. This is the reason why the celebrity goes for shorter hair, that’s the money shot, the shot of the photo on the front-page of the magazine will be of the celebrities face and hair.

Not only is shorter hair easier to manage but dark colours can be made to shine by using the correct hair styling products.

Short spiked hair is a look only for the few and this type of style cut needs to be considered. Tina Turner can wear spikey hair but remember that’s Tina Turner who would look great just out of the shower. Spiked hair cuts need a lot of work and maintenance so careful consideration is required on this style of cut.

For the career woman, short style hair cut fits perfectly with her hectic work pace and lifestyle. Short hair styles exude confidence and grace, a popular choice amongst career women. Not only that but short hair styles can last the distance throughout the day and will only need a tweak here and there to look its best again.

When looking for the new hairstyles for women whether it be short, medium or longer length you must consider the maintenance side of such a style. If you are confident with looking after longer hair then that will be your choice for the new hair style for you. If maintaining your hair is a chore to you then a shorter hair style would be your choice.

Once you have chosen your hair style speak with your hair stylist as to the cutting technique that will be used. Different techniques provide different sitting patterns of your hair. Light layers throughout the hair cutting will provide body and bounce to the hair and the stylist will recommend to you what cutting style would make your new hairstyle look its best.

Who knows, maybe other woman will copy your new hairstyle and make it their own.