Hair Stylist

To have the most beautiful and trendiest hair cut you need to follow a few simple steps. Here we provide you with six steps to maintain new hairstyles for women.

Step 1 – Find a good hair stylist

When you visit a hair salon you will immediately identify the right stylist for you. This will be the hairdresser who talks and asks about you. They will also ask what you do for a living and what your interests are. This is the hairdresser who is learning all she/he can in a very short time to learn about you before she/he sets about recommending the latest hairstyle that might suit you. If the hairdresser asks you what hairstyle you want then perhaps this is an indication to you to find another hairdresser.

hair stylist

Hair Stylist

Step 2 – Describing what type of hairstyle you feel suits you

To describe your latest new hairstyle by words to a hairdresser often fails to communicate the true design of the hair style you desire. It is best to provide the hair stylist with a few photographs of the desired hairstyle you want. This way the hair stylist can visualise how the hairstyle will sit with your hair and face shape allowing them to provide suggestions to you for consideration.

Hair Stylist For Over 50

Hair Stylist For Over 50

Step 3 – Changing your hairstyle and not lose any of the length

Hairdressers are very talented in the way they cut hair. A hairdresser can change the look of your hairstyle by using different cutting style techniques. Using cutting techniques will change the look of your hair and will still maintain the length at the same time.

Step 4 – Being able to speak with your hair stylist

Building up a strong rapport with your hairdresser will open the lines of communication during the styling of your new hairstyle. It is best that as the hair stylist proceeds in cutting your hair that you can discuss how you feel about the cutting technique used and the look of your hair. It is important that both you and the hairdresser understands each other so you get the desired look you are after. During the cut the hairdresser should discuss with you how you feel about the way your hair is sitting and may offer recommendations to improve the sit.

Step 5 – Looking after your hair

Now that you have your new hair style you must look after it. Hairdressing is an expensive outlay and there is nothing gained by having that just so perfect cut if you do not look after it. Your hairdresser may recommend certain products for your hair and provide you with styling techniques that you can use. Follow these recommendations and keep your new hair style just as you wanted and originally imagined it to be.

Step 6 – Don’t keep the same style

New hairstyles for women are evolving everyday with celebrity photographs and hairdressing magazines now readily available. A new hairstyle that may have suited you three years ago may not be the same style that suits you now. Always be on the lookout for the new hair styles for women that attract your attention and consider making changes to your own hair style to keep abreast of the changing times.

By following these simple steps you may even provide new hairstyles for women in your workplace, school or social functions. There is nothing more rewarding for you to be able to accept compliments from your friends and recommend your hair stylist to them.

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    It’s amazing how much a good hairstyle can improve overall appearance and increase attraction between sexes – for both men and women. Of course you should discuss the look you want with your stylist, but be open to his or her suggestions. Remember, the better your relationship with your stylist, the more likely he or she will be 100% honest with you and able to guide you to a cut that presents you in the best possible light. Chances are you’ll love your new look and leave the salon with extra spring in your step and a better outlook on life!

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