Short Hair Styles For Women Over 50

shorter style cutsChanging to short hair styles for women over 50 often results from the aging process where hair is starting to thin out and the colour of each hair strand starts to whiten causing gray hair. Shorter hair styles lessen the weight of the hair and instead of being dragged downwards often adds bounce and form.

Perhaps we can add the desire to make changes to our overall look or simply we have become bored with our longer hair.

As we get older natural cell degeneration causes the hair to thin out and pigment whitens turning hair color gray. This never presents a major hurdle as we can work with what we have to come to a very stylish and fashionable look. It is often the choice that a shorter hair style is chosen.

When hair is cut shorter the gray hair is more prominent and can sometimes look quite effective with the right haircut.  It is important to have an “in fashion” hair cut, one that is quite stylish. An example would be similar to Victoria Beckham’s hair style.

Victoria is one that always has the latest in fashion hair cuts providing a good example for women when choosing a new style.

Factors that you need to consider when changing to a shorter hair style are to take into account if the gray hair color compliments your complexion.

If not you can always add low lights or highlights to extenuate and brighten up your hair.

One technique used in coloring gray hair is to apply reverse streaks or low lights where the natural hair color dye is used to sometimes take away some gray rather then all of it.

short hair styles over 50If you decide to keep the natural gray color of your hair then consider changing to using a silver shampoo. Silver shampoo will add extra shine and tone to gray hair strands that sometimes become dull and matt looking.

Having a short hair style can make you look and feel younger. This is because a short hair style lifts the face that results in a younger look. Having a shorter hair style will also draw the eyes of those you speak with away from your face as they look at your hair.

To consider changing to short hair styles for women over 50, it is often because of the changes in the hair color and also the density and thickness of the hair. Sometimes as the women in her fifties gets older she loses hair.

Apart from the obvious that shorter hair styles are easier to manage the application of quality products is minimal when compared to medium or long length hair.

short hairstyles over 50It is important that you ask your hairdresser for the product that suits your hair to maintain your style in between visits. Women often find that they cannot get the same salon style when they are at home and often it is the use of the product used by the hairdresser that has achieved the look.

If you have the right hair product for your hair then maintaining your short hair styles for women over 50 will be a breeze.

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