A trip to the hairdresser always results in clean, glossy hair – it’s all down to clever washing, conditioning and styling. Our simple detox reveals how to get the same results at home.

Clean, healthy hair looks great. Its smooth surfaces reflect light and lock in moisture, giving it natural shine and bounce. But harsh treatments and pollution can wreck it. Colour processing and heat styling weaken and dry it out. Too much product coats and weighs it down. The result is dull, lank, dirty or difficult hair – or, more simply, toxic locks.

Sounds familiar? Then it’s time to detox.

Here you will find out how to bring your hair back to life with deep cleansing to banish build-up, perfect conditioning to restore health and shine, and styling product essentials to keep you away from the toxic hair cycle.

The main cause of dull hair is too much product and not enough rinsing.

Washing your hair is the first stage of your hair detox session. Your aim is to super-clean locks, and to achieve this you need to wash your hair the way the experts do it. Use just a little shampoo, then rinse, rinse, rinse – experts warn that the prime cause of dull hair is too much product and not enough rinsing. Your normal shampoo will usually be fine, but if you tend to use a lot of products, try a detox, deep cleansing or chelating shampoo – these are specially formulated to deep cleanse your hair and rid it of product build-up.

Whatever your hair type, it needs conditioning every time you wash it. Conditioning smooths the hair cuticles, making it easier to comb through without breaking, and it seals in moisture so your hair stays shiny and doesn’t dry out. Don’t worry about over conditioning – it’s not possible, providing you-re using the right product for your hair.

Dry, damaged and chemically treated hair needs weekly deep conditioning treatments, such as hair masks and hot oils, to restore it to health. These treatments act like long, moisturising drinks and contain rich ingredients which penetrate the hair, helping to reconstruct damage and lock in moisture. Look out for natural nourishes like aloe vera, and rice or wheat protein on the label. Home-made hair masks can be just as effective.

Styling products add the final touch to your newly detoxed hair – if you use the right amount of the right product. Hair experts agree that most women use far too much styling product, which overloads the hair and starts up the toxic cycle all over again. So if your styling product doesn’t seem to work, or if it leaves your hair limp, heavy or greasy, use less. Apply the minimum and wait to see the effect – you can add more later, but you can’t take it away.

Home Made Hair Mask

Take one (1) ripe banana, 10ml/2 teaspoons of grapeseed oil (available from health food shops and supermarkets) and clingfilm (plastic cling wrap). Mash the banana, then mix in the oil to make a thick paste. Massage into the hair and scalp then cover your hair with the clingfilm and leave for ten (10) minutes.

Wash out using a mild shampoo and remember to rinse well.

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  1. Annette

    Thanks for the tips. I love to have a treat at the hairdressers. However, apart from the cutting, I’ve always wondered how I could achieve that same extra clean and shiny look at home. Do you agree your hair can grow tired with using the same shampoo and conditioner for months. PS I’m in the over 50s age bracket.

  2. Spices

    Great information! I have been hearing more about this subject matter and thank you for bringing this information to our attention.

  3. JaneRadriges

    The article is usefull for me. I’ll be coming back to your blog.

  4. Angela

    I agree that your hair needs to “detox”. Using the same product will cause a build-up on your hair. I alternate between 3 different shampoos (one being a clarifying shampoo). I only use salon products. I believe that the product makes the difference. When you go to the salon the only difference is the product that is used to wash and condition your hair. Try salon products and you will have clean, shiny hair.

  5. dale mccarty

    The key to enjoying vibrant youthful health and slowing down the aging process is to initiate a program that will repair or at least slow down the damage being done to your cells! By improving the health of your cells before they replicate you will ensure that your new replacement cells start off life a little bit healthier.

  6. Kaew's Beauty and Health

    Loved the post & the entire blog. Good job, I’ll be back to read a lot more often !

  7. sugar_ray_detox78

    when detoxifying the body, i find it much better to use natural products rather than those synthetic detox products. that is why i always go after the natural detox way.

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    Such a useful blog

  10. Thc Detox

    Well then…I didn’t know you could actually detox your hair like that

  11. A/C Repair Boise

    Something most people are unaware of is the fact that shampoo is actually bad for your hair but good for your scalp. I don’t know what exactally it does but the lather you get from it destroys hair. the less you wash your hair, the healthier it will get. Also, products that claim to bring hair back to life are blatant lies. Hair is dead once it is on your head and products that say they restore hair do nothing more than put a waxy substance into the cracks formed in the strands of hair.

  12. conditioner search

    My parents talked with me about that. Thanks for the info, now I can brag a little bit 😛

  13. Questnet

    Something new to me. Never hear of hair detox before. Been shedding alot of hair recently and my stylist taught me the proper way to wash and scrub my hair. It’s very similar to your style. Now Hoping my hair will grow back..

  14. I seriously think your blog is going to go viral, thanks for posting this.

  15. Etta Williams

    Can the Home Made Hair Mask remainder be store for later use. Thanks.

  16. Terry

    Hello Etta,
    It is the banana that would deteriorate the fastest so any storage would be based on the condition of the banana.

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