Hairstyles For Women Over Fifty 50

Providing hairstyles for women over 50 is one of the most exciting and fascinating arts open to a hairdresser, not because of the process itself, indeed it is a fairly arduous and exacting business, but because the after effects are so dramatic.

After years of dealing with clients going through hairstyle changes, I am now convinced that when a woman changes the style of her hair, her personality changes a little too.

I have seen timid mature women creep into the salon with hands cupped nervously over pale brown gray flicked hair and then, an hour or two later they emerge from the colour bay, head held high, eyes shining wickedly simply because they’ve had their hair coloured.

hairstyles for women over fifty 50In the same way, if a lifeless colour and style is transformed into a deep, golden red the person sporting the new colour and style will often adopt the cliched characteristics of a natural redhead – and the hitherto demure client will suddenly turn into a fiery woman with enough spit and polish to keep the whole salon on its toes for weeks!

Even women who “become” brunettes overnight display hitherto un-noticed sides of their personality. It is extraordinary, but true, that if you transform a woman into a brunette, her eyes will go misty, her lips will pout a little – and the hairdresser will, if he has all his male faculties about him, go weak at the knees. And we’ll leave it there.

I can not explain the phenomenon of a personality change associated with a new colour and hairstyle. I can only suggest that just as people smile more when the sun comes out, or relax more when a fire is lit, so the light and warmth reflected in a newly coloured head of hair coupled with a knockout hairstyle, somehow filters through to the psyche of the person who has decided to opt for a “brighter” image.

So if your feeling low, or fed up with yourself, what better tonic than an instant hair colour and style change!

Therhairstyles for women over fifty 50e is no doubt that when a woman over fifty decides on an exciting new haircut and colour change that it will definitely take age off your present look.

A vibrant colour and style will undoubtedly lift your spirits, you will find yourself dressing to match your new look and the end result will be an exciting image that will lift your own feelings of well-being.

Don’t hesitate to find a great hairstyle and vibrant colour to match. Make your appointment tomorrow, you will not be disappointed.


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