It is time that color was used more as a fashion accessory, instead of a means of covering up gray hair, which is how most people regard it and here we discuss the art for hairstyles for women over 50 colouring grey hair.

So either do it yourself at home, or have it done at the salon, particularly if you want a high fashion or exotic shade.

If you colour your hair at home we would like to bring your attention to the fact that some might suffer an adverse reaction to hair color dyes. It is always important to monitor any symptoms that might present as you apply the colour just in case you might be affected by the ingredients.

Hair salons provide a very safe environment when applying hair colour and it is for this reason we recommend a trained hair stylist applies the colour.

The alternative and safest way to apply hair colour in your home is to purchase the product from a hair salon supplier where you can seek the advice of the sales person. They are very experienced in salon supplies and can warn you of the dangers or provide you with a safer alternative.

Colouring Grey Hair

That is not to say that you shouldn’t try to disguise grey hair, particularly if you go grey prematurely, and I hope the following tips will be useful as well as reassuring.

colouring grey hairThe first tell-tale signs of greying are that the hair seems to lose its brilliance and sheen. It acquires a dusty look, and only when you look into the hair will you realise that you are beginning to go grey.

At the same time it takes on a translucent appearance which makes it look thinner (and you immediately jump to the conclusion that the hair is not only greying but thinning as well, which can be quite demoralizing).

Its quite normal however, and if you don’t like it there is a lot that can be done to counteract the problem.

Our Top Recommended Products for Hairstyles For Women Over 50 Colouring Grey Hair

For example, you can either replace the brilliance or colour with a permanent or semi-permanent colouring agent or you can change your hairstyle, perhaps to a shorter, graduated style which will disguise the grey strands and make the hair look thicker.

If you want to be more adventurous than this, or if your hair really is going grey fast and you want to hide the fact altogether, then my advice would always be to choose a permanent colour – preferably to be applied professionally – that is a shade or two lighter than your natural colour.

As we go grey we also find that our complexions change and we lose some of the colour in our cheeks. By making the hair a shade lighter, our paler skin is less obvious and the fact that we are disguising grey hair should not be apparent to anyone.

Low Lights And Grey Hair

Another, more revolutionary way of hiding grey hair is to have colour woven into the grey hairs by a professional hairdresser who has had a lot of practice at this technique. What the hairstylist will do is pick up and colour ninety percent, if not all of your grey hairs and colour them permanently.

Of course they will have to be re-touched from time to time – perhaps every three months – but it is a method I would strongly recommend if you want to retain a really natural look to your hair colour.

This weaving technique is called, low-lighting.  The hairdresser picks out the grey hairs and streaks each one with various shades of colour complementary to your own hair. This subtle mix of slightly different shades gives a natural look because no hair is the same colour all the way through.

You may, on the other hand, be fed up with your natural hair colour by now – grey hairs or not – in which case do not ask for low-lights, because no one will stop you in the street and say, “Hey I just love your new low-lights!” because your hair (to them) will look perfectly normal.

If you want to get noticed, go for the exaggerated colours – rich shades of titan or copper-gold.

The colour will not only hide the grey hair, it will also make you stand out in a crowd! We hope you have enjoyed our tips and advice for Hairstyles For Women Over 50 Colouring Grey Hair and welcome any feedback you might have.

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  1. brenda farmer

    I am 54, i don’t have grey hair but what was red hair is now gettin g lighter and lighter- and boring. anything on your site for that?

  2. Hello Brenda,
    Depending on what result you want to achieve with your hair, there are many options.

    Semi permanents to infuse colour, hi-lights or low-lights. This is usually done with foils or permanent colour that can take you back to as close to your natural.

    There are also coloured shampoos available that will gently tone your hair.

    A good colour an cut can make you feel brand new so bite the bullet find a suitable hairdresser and go for it! It works wonders ! Theres no excuse for boring.

    Good luck – Cheers Jacki
    Resident Hairstylist

  3. laraine

    I have learned a startling fact. Contrary to what we’ve been told for years, lighter is not mandatory as we age, nor is it the correct answer for everyone. I have gone back to my very dark hair (which was my original color. My eyebrows are still black, my eyes are very dark, but my skin is pretty fair– guess what? shocker! The dark hair has actually made me look younger and doesn’t look out of place at all. Go figure–BTW I’m in my 50’s too

  4. alikos

    Благодарю вам. Ваш сайт это прекрасная возможность найти приятных и интеллигентных людей, способных к конструктивным обсуждениям и критике. 🙂

    English Translation by Terry:

    Thank you. Your site is a great way to find a pleasant and intelligent people capable of constructive discussion and criticism.

  5. Kaew's Beauty and Health

    This is my first comment here, just wanted to say thank you for maintaining a great blog. I know a lot of work goes into these things !

  6. Caroline Ross

    Thanks for info. Feeling old and awful at 51.

  7. Oh Caroline, no way will I accept that comment. It will be now read as 51 and feeling beautiful, accomplished and very happy with myself. I’m 51 too. Remember the 50’s are the new 40’s so let’s get it on and make ourselves beautiful. Thanks for your honesty, I love my readers and you typify the great people who leave a comment and visit.


    I found this site using Google search and your site was first place. And i want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site. Great work, great site! Thank you!

    Sorry for offtopic

  9. Aries Colored hair mainac

    Try and live with whatever you have (1) You want to have a life don’t spend standing in front if a mirror. (2) Instead of changing the natural look feel texture of your hair try to get look with a different hair cut.

  10. Hi – I want to say thank you for an interesting post about a subject I have had an interest in for a long time now. I have been lurking and reading the posts avidly so just wanted to express my thanks for providing me with some very good reading material. I look forward to more, and taking a more proactive part in the discussions here, whilst learning too!!

  11. Audrey

    51 isn’t old! I’m 54 & as active as ever. So much depends on what we eat (garbage in, you know the rest), how much sleep we get, our activity levels and our attitude.

    Hanging out w/ young-thinking folks helps, too.

    There’s a scripture in Proverbs ( ): As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. The garbage in-garbage out isn’t just talking about our stomachs!

  12. Wendy

    Please help, i’m trying to get rid of my grey hair

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