Straight Hair To Curly –

Are you bored of ironing every last kink out of your hair before leaving the house? Or have years of straightening left your tresses looking flat and lifeless? Then it’s time to give your poker-straight hair some life and movement.

Forget Shirley Temple, forget smelly perm solution and forget going to bed wearing rollers – modern curls are soft, loose and flattering, and they can be created in roughly the same time that it takes to straighten your hair.

Find out here how to use your curling tongs to get long-lasting curls in four easy to follow steps – and how to vary your curls to suit your mood.

Curly hair is the ultimate in femininity – pile it on top with free flowing tendrils by day or leave it tumble down loose and sexy by night.


Changing a teenage girls hairstyle without the need for cutting, colouring or restyling using harsh chemical treatments and more importantly, can be done at home. Straight hair is great if you need to look sleek and smart, but curly is far more glam and girly.

Get lasting curls in four easy steps.

Curly Hair step-by-step

Work on one section at a time – starting at the back of your head. Clip hair up with grips or slides so that’s it out of the way, then gently spray an easy-to-handle, medium sized section of hair with hairspray or fixing solution to help set curls in place.

Wind the same section of hair onto a hot curling tong and hold for a few seconds. Touch the hair that’s wound around the tong to make sure that it’s not getting too hot – if you leave it there for too long the heat might singe and damage your hair.

Curl your hair section-by-section, working your way up the crown and towards the front of your hair. When you’ve finished, to achieve a more natural look, break up ringlets by gently tousling through your hair with your fingers – a comb will cause frizz.

Hairspray sets curls but it doesn’t boost shine, so finish with some glossing curl cream or serum. Take a small blob, warm it up in the palms of your hands and then work it through your hair from front to back, like you’re gathering your hair into a ponytail.

Curling Tongs Know-How
  • It’s worth spending money on a good set of salon-standard tongs – they’ll last longer and cause less damage to your hair.
  • The diameter of your curling tongs is important – the larger the barrel, the looser the curl. For coiled spirals, opt for less than an inch, for those loose waves, an inch and a half for movement and body, an inch and a half or more.
  • Adjustable heat settings offer more styling options – set the tongs on a low heat for loose, natural waves – turn them up high for bouncier curls.
  • Never use curling tongs on wet hair – the high temperature can cause permanent damage to your hair.
  • Always use a heat-protecting styling solution before curling to help prevent frizz and split ends.

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