Hairstyles For Mature Women

One of the most common questions hair stylists receive is, “What are the best hairstyles for mature women, to help achieve a more youthful appearance?”

The answer is simple, up to date and fashionable hair styles for mature women are proving that youth is not the sole owner of beauty.

As women mature so does their hair. Rich dark hues or youthfully light tresses may be replaced with silver threads. And the natural oils in our hair decrease which leads to thinning, dry and unmanageable hair.

To achieve the most flattering hairstyles for mature women it is beneficial to first consider the areas which are most affected by age.

These areas usually include the color and also the texture of mature hair, fine lines and pigmented skin on the face and around the eyes.

When choosing hairstyles for mature women it is important to appropriately match the style of cut with the shape of the woman’s face. Layered bobs and textured cuts give beautiful definition to the chin and help accentuate and elongate the neckline.

Longer layers have great potential for being flipped to create volume and to balance the face shape.

Layering longer hair can also define the jawline and is an excellent option for enhancing the overall body in thinning, limp hair.

Other flattering hairstyles for mature women include half updos with flowing tresses at the nape of your neck which helps soften the effects of aging while maintaining your femininity.

Hairstyles For Mature Women

Shorthairstyles-for-mature-womener hairstyles for mature women are always popular because of their face lifting effects and their ability to draw attention to your eyes. The razor cut is also becoming an increasingly popular hairstyle for mature women because of its capacity to lift and elongate the neck and make fine lines appear less visible.

For women who are reluctant to cut their beloved locks, they can achieve elegance by curling the ends of their tresses with a wide and barreled curling iron and some hairspray for texture and hold. Maturing does not mean women have to compromise the length or style of their hair.

The right haircut can transform the way you look and feel, when selecting hairstyles for mature women consider rich, dimensional colors to brighten up your complexion and infuse you with luminosity and youthfulness. Use colours to enhance your new mature age hairstyle.

Hairstyles For Mature Women Pictures

Try drawing attention to your assets and away from your flaws. Ask your stylist for height at your crown to draw your eye upward. Keep your layers short in front if you want the appearance of a firmer jawline and flip the hair away from your face to divert attention from jowls.

hairstyles for mature womenDo not shy away from bangs when considering hairstyles for mature women, bangs will accentuate and frame beautiful eyes and cleverly disguise any lines on your forehead.

Add a handful of warm highlights to counteract any dullness in your skin tone and to add a healthy glow to your appearance.

Side parts can favorably enhance any face shape.

If you suffer from thinning, simply style and blow dry your hair at the roots and run your fingers through it to give it more body.

With amature-women-hairstylesge comes grace and we want to accentuate it, not hide it. There is a multitude of flattering hairstyles for mature women to choose from without compromising their style or femininity.

Our lovely model here is aged in her young seventies.  Ros wanted a hairstyle that she could easily maintain and look after with a minimal effort, to fit in with her busy lifestyle.

Hairstyles for mature women are only restricted by your imagination and it is our advice to talk to your stylist for a cutting new look.


A Shorter Hairstyle Made All The Difference

When Ros looked at her new hairstyle and let one or two days pass, she was not completely confident with the length of the hair and the extra effort it required to maintain it. Ros wanted a style that made it simpler for her to wash, set and forget.

The mainhairstyles for mature women profile reason why Ros needed a style that was easy to manage was due to the fact that with age it is often quite difficult to raise the arms above shoulder height to operate a brush and dryer at the same time.

By making the haircut shorter not only did it make it easier to maintain and care for the hair but added an extra dimension to the style as compared to when it was a little longer.

Who said there were no suitable hairstyles for mature women that are practical?

Resulting from this it was decided to cut the hair shorter and to a style that took away the emphasis on the jawline and cheeks.

On completion of this mini transformation Ros was completely satisfied with her new cut.

hairstyles for mature womenHairstyles For Mature Women

As you can see with the shorter hair style the emphasis has been taken away from the jawline and cheeks. There is no doubt the style has created a more youthful look to our 76 years of age model.

The outcome of this exercise was to rejuvenate medium length grey coloured hair to a fashionable short style with colour and highlights. As the work progressed and with positive feedback and more suitable hairstyle was conceived by cutting it shorter. The take on this is when choosing hairstyles for mature women we would advise to not cut the hair too short on the first cut.

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