The Ways To Use Laser Hair Removal At Home

Removal of unwanted hair has been a major concern for both men and women since time unknown. For getting rid of this annoyance, shaving is considered a quick and easy fix, but the problem with this is that its effects last for a few days only. The same is true with other commonly-used methods like waxing and plucking in different forms. However, you don’t have to worry anymore as lasers have been invented to help you get rid of unnecessary hairs permanently.

In laser hair removal option, a sophisticated laser machine sends intense pulsating light (IPL) down the hairs and burns out their follicles. Resultantly, it puts a stop to hair growth on the treated area, and repeated sessions of treatment may even lead to permanent removal of such hair.

Until very recently, you had to visit a clinic or beauty parlor to have your hair laser removed by a licensed, experienced professional. You would get an appointment, go in, have a consultation session, and then make frequent visits. Though effective and less risky, this was a costly choice.

However, visiting professional dermatologists is not necessary today as many home laser hair removal machines have been designed to help you say good bye to unwanted hair on your own at the comfort of your home and while maintaining your privacy. Before purchasing such a device, you need to take some things into account, such as the safety of the device, its cost, and how this procedure would be useful for you.

Following is the summary of basic information you should be cognizant of before considering this method.
Laser hair removal

Is Home Laser Hair Removal a Safe Bet?
After having been subject to intensive experimentation and testing for well over a decade, laser hair removal machines pose very little danger and no long-term health consequences. Its side effects namely redness, blemishes and mild itching outweigh its long-term benefits. Probably, this is why the Food and Drug Administration has approved this device for home use.

Be default, you can use this device anywhere you have unsightly hair on your body. However, it will be safer if you use it on any part of the body except the face and the neck. Moreover, follow the instructions before, while and after using a laser device as exactly as specified by the manufacturer to gain the desired results effectively and safely.

How Do Home Laser Hair Removal Machines Work?
Home laser hair removal machines are based on the process of “selective photo thermolysis”. The intense laser light is absorbed by hair molecules’ dark pigments, which heat up intensely and cause the hair to fall out and stop its growth in the time to come.

However, several treatments are required if you want to remove unsightly hairs from a particular area of your body. It is so because, at every time, only half of the hair is growing actively, while the other half lies dormant

So the home laser hair removal machine affects only growing part of the hair, and spares the dormant one. Now it should be clear that for the effective control of hair growth in a certain area of body, you have to treat the area many times and make sure you have zapped all of the active hair cells.

Who Should Use these Devices?
Unfortunately, everyone cannot use these devices. It is the main disadvantage of laser hair removal solution. The main requirement for use of laser devices is having fair to average dark colored hair as well as medium to light skin tone. It means you are eligible for using it if you have dark brown or black hair, and it will not work if you have blonde, gray, light brown or red hair, or darker colored skin.

Neither light-colored hair nor dark skin is suitable for such laser machines because the former simply doesn’t absorb the laser energy while the latter, though absorbs, is highly prone to burning itself due to the reaction by pigments in the skin.

Home Laser Hair Removal is a Cost-efficient Solution

Laser Hair Elimination is surely an outstanding way to once and for all eradicate undesirable hair. It’s the recommended choice to waxing, pulling or shaving, as these procedures really are laborious and also time-consuming and they typically get rid of your body of the hair which is currently there, instead of laser hair removal which has an effect in your roots to finish hair development.

In search of even skin along with a faultless skin tone, laser hair removal is actually an advisable technology. This is now an available, delicate, risk-free and potent means for the purpose of the eradication of unwanted hair for equally ladies and males. A cautious alternative of technological innovation for this treatment is now made available by specialized facilities focused on laser treatment possibilities guaranteeing an exceptional end result.

Is Laser Hair Removal far better than other techniques for getting rid of hair? Laser Hair Removal is long lasting, and cost effective. Electrolysis is uncomfortable, and expensive. Lotions and plucking aren’t long lasting, can result in infections, and call for re-treatment each two weeks. Waxing is costly, distressing and in some scenarios unsanitary. Laser hair removal is thought to be harmless if executed properly. It really is valuable for large parts like legs or backs.

Hair develops in three specific periods. The initial period is the productive or development period (Anagen), follows the non-active period (Catagen), and lastly, the fall-out or losing period (Telogen). Laser treatments for getting rid of hair are most efficient during the development period (Anagen).

Males have fought with unpleasant back hair that’s so tough to reach to shave. But now, laser hair removal is readily available to completely reduce the quantity of hair growth by getting rid of the hairs where they begin, at the hair follicle. The most recent therapies have significantly lowered the uncomfortableness of the treatment and have enhanced upon the amount of hair diminishment and process time.

Laser hair removal can be a long-term hair treatment option. There’s gentle discomfort involved using the therapy, and also the degree of discomfort may differ from person to person. Laser hair removal can be a method employing a beam of light to remove the root of hair follicle.

Laser hair removal is typically not as successful on gray, red-colored, or blonde hair. It ought to be employed really cautiously (if at all) on richer skin tones or on clients who tan on their own. Incorrect laser hair removal treatment solutions can cause burns, lesions to the skin, skin discoloration sustained for several months, or patchy/patterned re-growth.

Right now, you will find about 5 to ten various kinds of lasers which are utilized for laser hair removal. Nearly all the laser devices do the same thing. They focus around the melanin, that is the black color in hair follicles, and zap them, and get rid of the hair.

Is it a lasting method? Well, in accordance to the FDA’s definition, bikini laser hair eradication isn’t a type of permanent hair removal. This is due to the fact that laser treatments, even though effective in completely eliminating as much as 90 % of hair restoration, can’t ensure the total eradication of all undesired bikini area hair for the life of the affected person.

Laser hair removal isn’t a one-time treatment method. It typically will call for, depending on the area of the body, anywhere from 5 to six therapies. This procedure has a price which depends largely on the expertise of the facility involved. These firms fall under the spa and beauty care class and to some extent are really costly but in some way price efficient in comparison to other hair removal therapies.
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